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We can redirect any webpage to any other or redirect the whole domain or website to another using HTACCESS. HTACCESS Redirects .HTACCESS file manages settings for the PHP server. Also, it can manage PHP file routes.  There are various types of HTACCESS redirects, as mentioned below.  301 redirect This method is a permanent redirect method […]

PHP Redirect Pages

There are lots of methods to redirect pages like refresh redirect from META tag, redirect from PHP, and window.location method in JavaScript. Redirect Pages In PHP Here we are going to focus on redirecting a web page using PHP. Especially, we need to redirect a page after user authentication and user registration. We also redirect […]

PHP Include & Required

Include files in PHP is helpful to append various global or config files. We can include .php files via include and require functions. Include Files in PHP There are two methods to include a file in PHP. Include() Method Require() Method We can write global functions and classes in a config file and include them […]

[Solved] Error TS2305: Module ‘”{FilePath}/app.component”’ Has No Exported Member ‘ErrorseaFilter’ in Angular CLI

Hey Angular geek, if you are also having Error TS2305: Module ‘”{FilePath}/app.component”’ Has No Exported Member ‘ErrorseaFilter’ or similar error in Angular with different class name, you are at the perfect place to find the solution. Error TS2305: Module Has No Exported Member Error Situation I was developing a mini project in Angular 9; at […]