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PHP Operators

Operators perform operations on the variables. Operators are symbols that tell the PHP compiler to perform specific actions. In this unit, we study how to perform the operations on the variables using operators in PHP. Read Also: PHP Constants Operators in PHP Operators are the symbol that tells the processor to perform some actions. For example, […]

How To – Fixed Table Header Using CSS

Here’s the simple CSS trick about the Fixed table header for a scrollable table. A fixed header makes table data effortless to understand. Designers often need to implement fixed headers for better and clear data table presentations. Fixed Table Header There are two methods to create a fixed table header using CSS. Here we will […]

PHP Constants

PHP constants are similar like constant variables in other programming languages. A PHP constant holds a fixed value, which cannot be updated after declaration. PHP Constants PHP Constants are similar to the variables, and they cannot be changed or redefined after once being created and assigned a value. They remain constant across the entire program. It […]