5 Important Things To Know About WordPress Before You Use It

There is a reason big-name companies like CNN use WordPress. WordPress
is a popular content management system that powers most of the content
online. In this post, you will learn 5 important things you need to know about
WordPress before using it.

1. The Most Popular CMS

Compared to other content management systems, WordPress powers more
websites across the world than the rest. Approximately, 50 to 60 percent of
websites that use CMS run on WordPress. Also, it is worth noting that
WordPress powers 4.5% of the internet.

WordPress powers even high-profile brands such as CNN’s and Reuters
blogs. Also, it powers Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New Yorker, The Next
Web and Mashable. Other notable brands that use WordPress include Vogue,
People Magazine, MTV News, NASA, Havard Business Review, and The
Rolling Stones among others. This is a clear indication that WordPress is
powerful enough to build virtually any website you want.

2. 100% Free and Up-to-date Open Source CMS

WordPress is 100% free and open source. With WordPress, you do not have
to pay to get WordPress. What’s more, you can make changes to the codes
as you wish. Also, you can use it for any website or as many websites as
possible without purchasing additional licenses. Also, the CMS comes with
tens of thousands of free plugins and themes all of which can be customized.

The concept of open-source CMS ensures security through transparency. It
means each vulnerability alongside its patch will be made available to the
community using WordPress. Thanks to the open source security guide, it is
easy to manage WordPress components and dependencies in mitigating risks
and vulnerabilities arising from third-party applications.

As open-source software gained popularity over the past few years because
of its public and collaborative nature, it is making it convenient for developers
and hackers alike. So, managing the open-source components is essential in
mitigating risks.

3. Not Just for Blogging

Although WordPress began as a blogging platform, somewhere along the way
developers realized they could accomplish so much more with it. Today,
WordPress powers everything from e-commerce websites to communities and
online courses.

So, regardless of whether you are building a website for a local business or a
large retail store with thousands of products, WordPress can accomplish this
besides being a remarkable blogging platform.

Also, WordPress has plugins that let you add a ton of functions to WordPress
without coding. Free and paid plugins that allow users to create virtually any
website without writing code. Currently, there are over 45,000 free plugins
without counting the premium plugins. Also, developers who have a firm grasp
of PHP can customize any plugin to accomplish exactly what they want or
even build a unique plugin from scratch.

4. Great For Making Money Online

With WordPressdev skills, you can work on several jobs. For instance, you
can work with WordPress at creative companies or agencies that run their
websites on WordPress. Also, WordPress skills can earn you a job as a
designer, developer, or marketing.

WordPress provides freelancers various opportunities as specialists.
Freelancers offer everything from basic services setting up WordPress
websites to customizing themes and customizing sites with various types of
back-end programming.

As well, WordPress let you make money without working for clients. For
example, you can earn money by creating and selling premium themes and
plugins. This is one of the ways you can make money online without working
directly with clients or an employer. As a result, you get all the flexibility you
want in your career.

5. Managing WordPress is Easy

WordPress websites are easy to manage in terms of maintenance and
managing content on the website. Since WordPress has been around for a
long time, there is a large community and documentation online. Thanks to
WordPress being open source, any issues you may have someone else may
have experienced and solved. Apart from free support, there is premium
support from various developers. So, whenever you come across an issue
you are unable to figure out, you have an option to hire someone to help you.

Reasons WordPress is Popular

WordPress is no longer limited to blogs and websites. Now, with its REST
API, WordPress opens up a door for developers to create different apps

based on its platform. So, in the future, it will be possible to use WordPress
content in new and interesting ways.
Today, WordPress makes it easy to maintain everything in the dashboard. For
instance, you can build a self-contained ecosystem that includes email lists,
sending newsletters and much more without leaving the WordPress

What’s more, WordPress utilizes accessibility standards. With accessibility, all
the focus is on making the internet easy to use for all individuals including
those with sensory or physical impairments. WordPress emphasizes being
accessible to everyone.

On top of that, each year, WordPress hosts several WordCamps and meetups
across the world. These Meetups offer an opportunity for networking with like-
minded individuals and learning new things. Such events are fun when one
becomes familiar with WordPress.

WordPress is continually becoming more user-friendly partly to respond to
other website builders like Wix and Squarespace. It is doubling down on
becoming easier to use while maintaining its huge flexibility.

Apart from being a dominant player in CMS, WordPress builds a huge chunk
of the top websites online too. Approximately, 36 percent of the top 10,000
most popular sites in the world run on WordPress. Also, WordPress makes
optimizing for the search engine a lot easier thanks to plugins such as Yoast
SEO and All in One SEO. With these plugins, you can optimize your
WordPress site without the help of a coding genius. You only need to
configure the basic setting and the plugins will take care of the rest.

Better yet, WordPress is responsive. Today, mobile internet access is the
norm. So, a website must look great across various devices. To make it
possible, modern WordPress themes support responsive design which allows
websites to scale automatically and look amazing on all devices.

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