The Importance of SAST

SAST stands for static application security testing and it’s a technique that developers use to discover vulnerabilities inside source code. Organizations use SAST to find vulnerabilities and fix them before the code is used in applications. This can be an effective way to mitigate cyber threats and help developers work systematically to deal with weaknesses […]

How to Install MySQL on Your PC in 3 Easy Steps

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install MySQL on your computer. Now, I’m using a Mac. So first I’ll show you how to install MySQL on a Mac computer. If you’re a Windows user, feel free to skip this tutorial. If you are too busy with your college papers and have […]

Download and Install Turbo C++ for Windows 11, 10 (Full Installation Guide)

Download Turbo C++ for windows 11 or 10 in just 7 Mb and run your first C++ program C++ programming is one of the earliest and evergreen programming languages. It is still the choice of many experienced programmers and novice programmers alike who enter into the world of programming. C++ programming is one of the […]

How to Call API in PHP Using Curl

In this article we are going to learn how to call an API in PHP file using cURL method. PHP provides effortless inbuilt method cURL to call API and process its response. What is cURL in PHP? cURL is the method to request web URLs or APIs in PHP. It helps to get data from […]

How to Convert String to Integer in Python [Str to Int]

Sometimes we need to convert the string into an integer value. In our HTML form, when we submit the form, it takes the value as a string. If we submit a number as a value, then it will be considered as a string value. So it is necessary to convert it to an integer for […]