How to Install MongoDB on windows[7,8, 8.1,10]

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a collection and document-based non-relational database. Every document is stored in a collection. And every collection can store lots of documents. MongoDB is a non-relational database thus it does not follow any fixed structure. Every document structure in a collection may be different. MongoDB is in the family of the No-SQL database.

In terms of performance and scalability, MongoDB is most a hardcore performer. MongoDB uses a non-relational data structure that makes it more flexible than other relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. And the best thing about MongoDB is that it is open-source and free.

Download and Install MongoDB on Windows

MongoDB provides GUI installation for Windows so no need to worry if you are not familiar with the windows command line. Just follow these steps to install.

Step 1: Download MongoDB Server

64 bit MSI and Zip version of MongoDB is available at MongoDB’s official website. we can download it from the below link.

Step 2: Install MongoDB

Run the MSI installer to install MongoDB on your machine.

step 1 mongodb installation

  • Click Next to continue.
  • Accept terms and conditions.
  • Choose the setup type Complete/Custom (Complete is recommended)

Step 3: Setup MongoDB Service Configuration

step 2 mongodb service configuration

Service configuration includes service-related changes. We can customize the path for our Data Directory and Log Directory. The data directory is a directory where all MongoDB databases will be stored. We can also change the service name for MongoDB.

Step 4: Install MongoDB Compass

step 3 install mongodb compass in windows

MongoDB Compass is specially developed for windows platform. It provides visualization of databases, collections, and documents.

It is not compulsory to install MongoDB Compass. We can install it if we want by selecting the checkbox at the bottom left corner.

Click Next and click on the Install button.

step 4 mongodb compass installation on windows 10

The installation wizard will take a few minutes to install MongoDB on your machine.

After successful installation, we can run MongoDB server by double-clicking on mongo.exe shortcut or run it via command line by running the below command.


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