Topics in JavaScript

How to Check the Variable of Type Undefined or Null in JavaScript

In JavaScript, variables are of different types, such as Boolean Undefined Null Number String Object Array, etc. Variable of Type Undefined or Null in JavaScript We can declare a variable of the above types according to the requirements. Sometimes in code, we require to check the type of a variable, and based on the result, […]

JavaScript isArray() Function

Sometimes we have to make sure that a variable is an Array type object. The isArray() is basically a JavaScript function to check the object is of array type. The isArray() Function The isArray() is a predefined method of Array class in javascript. It checks wheater the input value is the Array type or not. […]

JavaScript insertBefore() Method

Sometimes we need to insert an element at a specific position, or we need to insert an element before any particular element. At that time we can use JavaScript insert before method. The InsertBefore() Method JavaScript insertBefore() method inserts a node at the specified position between HTML DOM elements. Also Read: JavaScript appendChild() Method Example […]

How to Multiple File Upload in PHP Using Ajax

Multiple file upload in PHP using ajax script is relatively easy to implement. Here is the simplest method to upload multiple files using ajax by just creating four files. Also, we have mentioned multiple file upload in PHP using ajax demo code with proper explanation. Direct file upload using the form is quite old fashioned. […]

JavaScript Array Methods Explained With Examples

The Array is used to store multiple values in a single variable. In JavaScript, there are three types of Array: Single Dimensional Array Two Dimensional Array Multi-Dimensional Array Here we are going to discuss single dimensional array initialization and some advanced functions to process JavaScript Arrays. Create a JavaScript Array JavaScript Array Properties Constructor Length […]