How to Force Image Download in PHP From a Link

Force image download is mandatory in some content downloading websites to provide a good and smooth user experience. Even more, we have to allow direct download of an image from a link.

If we provide an image link to the user for downloading, the browser will open that image in its self rather than downloading it. No one likes to open another website link from their website.

We can provide another PHP file link that can force download an image from a link to the user’s browser to resolve this issue.

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Force Download an Image Using PHP

Here, we will learn how to force download an image file using PHP. Generally, browsers open an image link with in the browser. However, the below code will help to force download an image via the link.

//file path in server
$file_path = "";

header('Content-Description: File Transfer');
header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="'.basename($file_path).'"');
header('Expires: 0');
header('Pragma: public');
header('Content-Length: ' . filesize($file_path));

// Clear output buffer


In this article, we learned how to force download images using PHP code. I hope now you can implement the above force download images in PHP code.

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