Nowadays, every business is using the digital platform for growing its business through websites and advertisements. Sites are the key feature that brings the company worldwide. So, every business person tries to make their websites user engaging, attractive, and systematic design. It increases the interaction time the user spends on the site. CSS is an […]

Top 25 AWS Interview Questions

1) Describe AWS in brief. Amazon Web Service – AWS is known as a cloud computing platform. It is also a collection of remote computing services. The new infrastructure of cloud computing is also known as IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service. 2) What is S3 in AWS? S3 is a simple storage device used […]

Top 25 Web Designing Interview Questions

If you are looking for an opportunity to become a web designer, I have described below some most commonly asked Web Designing Interview Questions. Web designing is more related to user-interface and user-experience on the website. In Web Designing Interview they generally ask about HTML tags, CSS rules and some website structure related questions. 1) […]