How to Delete Database in MySQL

MySQL is a database server to manage relational databases. There are some methods to delete a database from the MySQL server. Here we are going to learn to delete a database via MySQL command line. You can use Microsoft cmd, Linux terminal or MAC terminal which one you are using. In this tutorial, we are […]

How to Check the Variable of Type Undefined or Null in JavaScript

In JavaScript, variables are of different types, such as Boolean Undefined Null Number String Object Array, etc. Variable of Type Undefined or Null in JavaScript We can declare a variable of the above types according to the requirements. Sometimes in code, we require to check the type of a variable, and based on the result, […]

How To Open Link In New Tab HTML

Generally, when we click on a link to a page in most of the websites, it will open the new page in the current tab. It is the general scenario of websites. But sometimes, it is more effective and user friendly to open the link of a page in a new tab. Open Link In […]

How to Send Emails From PHPMailer Using SMTP

There are lots of methods to send an email in core PHP. There are two most commonly used methods, which are the PHP mail function and the PHP SMTP mailer. Before starting, let’s get some basic information about PHPMailer and PHP mail function. Even more, we will see why PHPMailer is better than the PHP […]

How to Multiple File Upload in PHP Using Ajax

Multiple file upload in PHP using ajax script is relatively easy to implement. Here is the simplest method to upload multiple files using ajax by just creating four files. Also, we have mentioned multiple file upload in PHP using ajax demo code with proper explanation. Direct file upload using the form is quite old fashioned. […]