How to Remove “Category:” From Category Archive Pages in WordPress

WordPress provides all the basic functionality for blogging and rapid website development. The majority of bloggers use WordPress for their blogs and affiliate websites because WordPress is SEO friendly. Also, WordPress has archives feature, which is quite helpful for bloggers to generate categories and author archives. By default, category archives title published with prefix “Category: […]

How to Add a New Custom Link in WordPress Sidebar

WordPress is quite famous for its flexibility and advancements. Even more, WordPress provides a friendly and powerful admin panel to manage the content on the website. Besides, WordPress supports further customization of the admin panel. WordPress admin panel ha two main parts, the first one is a sidebar and the second one is the main […]

How to List Only Parent Categories in WordPress

WordPress provides default feature of category archives. We can also create sub-categories of the main category. While listing categories in sidebar via widget it displays all categories including every child category. But what if we want to list only main categories with no other parent category? Find Main or Only Parent Categories in WordPress Here […]