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PHP Form Required

PHP required fields means the input fields in a form must be filled if users wish to proceed with the form submission process. An asterisk (*) sign is useful to mark the required fields. PHP required fields are also programmed to display error messages when left empty. In this unit, we will learn how to […]

PHP Form Validation

Form validation is one of the major part of web development in PHP. There are lots of vulnerabilities and exploits are available which must be taken care of while submitting a PHP form. Otherwise, unwanted viruses and malware can harm PHP host server and database. Read Also: PHP Form Handling Form Validation in PHP The […]

PHP Form Handling

A Form is a document containing blank fields that the user can fill the data or user can select the data. The data will store in the database. In this unit, we learn about PHP form handling. What is a form in PHP? When we login into a website or mailbox, we are interacting with […]