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PHP Data Types

For constructing variables, PHP supports various data types. A Data type is an attribute of data which tells the compiler how the programmer uses the data. PHP Data Types This article is all about the PHP Datatypes. Data types represent the type of data associated with PHP variables. PHP supports eight primitive data types that […]

PHP Echo/Print

Echo and print are both used to print the output data on the screen. The print statement is used as an alternative to echo many times. PHP Echo/Print Statement This article will help you to understand how to use echo and print statements in PHP to display the output in a web browser. In PHP, two […]

PHP Variables

PHP also has variables and constants, just like other programming languages. Variable is the storage space where we can store the values. All variables in PHP start with a $ (dollar) sign, followed by the name of the variable. This article explains to us how to use the PHP variables in the source code. What […]

PHP Comments

Comments in PHP are similar to the comments used in HTML. A comment in PHP code is not a part of the PHP program. Its only purpose is to be read by someone who is editing the code. Read Also: PHP Syntax PHP Comments This article describes us how to use the PHP comments in code. […]

PHP Syntax

A PHP file contains HTML tags with some PHP code. It is straightforward to create the PHP file. First, create a file and write PHP + HTML Code. A PHP script executes on the server, and returns HTML result to the browser. Read Also: How to Install PHP on Windows 10 Basic PHP Syntax This article is […]