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How to Change Text OnClick Event JavaScript

JavaScript is the backbone of every website. It helps to manage user events and also handles browser operations. Sometimes we need to change the text of an element dynamically via user event like OnClick or OnHover event. At that time JavaScript and JQuery come in the role to handle the event. JavaScript Change Text on […]

Types of Float Property and How to Use Float in CSS

CSS float property provides designers to control the position of elements in HTML web pages. Float property has the following values: Left, Right, None, and Initial. What is Float Property in CSS? The float property can change the position of text and image on the page. Syntax .classname{ float:value; } Here the .classname points to […]

How to Install MongoDB on Windows 10

In this article, we will learn how to install and configure MongoDB on Windows 10. Follow the described steps to install MongoDB effortlessly. What is MongoDB? MongoDB is a collection and document-based non-relational database. Every document is stored in a collection. And every collection can store lots of documents. MongoDB is a non-relational database. Thus, […]

How to Apply Ripple Effect to On Button With CSS

The Ripple effect is the most commonly used effect on websites and applications. Also, this effect makes our website more liquid and makes it feel elegant. We can easily apply the Ripple effect on any element of a website using CSS. Here we have given an example on how to create a ripple effect on […]

List of PHP Date/Time Functions With Examples

Sometimes it is necessary to display the current time and date in your input field of the form, or any other part of the web page.PHP provides inbuilt date and time functions that can be used to display time and date from the server. PHP also provides different functions for formatting the structure of date […]