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List of PHP Date/Time Functions With Examples

Sometimes it is necessary to display the current time and date in your input field of the form, or any other part of the web page.PHP provides inbuilt date and time functions that can be used to display time and date from the server. PHP also provides different functions for formatting the structure of date […]

Top 25 C++ Interview Questions

C++ language is the most popular object-oriented programming languages. It is mainly used language in software development companies. So if you are looking for a job as a software developer, you should know the C++ language. We have the set of C++ interview questions, which helps you in cracking the C++ interview. Read Also: Top […]

Object Oriented Programming in PHP Explained in Detail

Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) concept is the most important thing if you are thinking to start learning any back-end programming language. OOPs concepts are available in PHP also for complex coding. What Is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)? Object-oriented programming is the programming language used to represent real-world entities using classes and objects. It is the modern approach […]

Onhover Effect With Inline CSS

In most of the sites, you have noticed that when you hover the cursor on that text, it changes the color of the text. CSS hover selector is used for making the hover effect on some text or link. It makes the page interactive and user friendly. This method changes the color of the text […]