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PHP String Functions

PHP provides lots of string functions to implement various operations on strings. Strings are the most comman data type of any back-end language. So, we have to perform various operations on strings to convert them to our required output. This methods will help you to manipulate string data in PHP. String Functions String functions provides […]

PHP Strings

Strings are an integral part of the programming world. They allow our code to communicate with others. PHP provides various string methods to manipulate strings effortlessly. In this unit, we will learn about string data in PHP. What Is String? PHP programming supports string datatype. A string is a sequence of numbers, letters, special characters, […]

Top 25 CSS Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced (Download Free PDF)

We have the set of HTML CSS interview questions and answers for experienced to freshers, which will help you to crack the CSS interview effortlessly. Read Also: Top 25 HTML Interview Questions CSS Interview Questions and Answers Nowadays, every business is using the digital platform for growing its business through websites and advertisements. Sites are […]

PHP Operators

Operators perform operations on the values stored in the variables. Operators are symbols that tell the PHP compiler to perform specific actions. This module will dive deep into how to perform the operations on the variables using operators in PHP. Read Also: PHP Constants Operators in PHP Operators are constructs that behave like functions and […]

How To Fixed Table Header Using CSS

Here’s the simple CSS trick about the Fixed table header for a scrollable table. A fixed header makes table data effortless to understand. Designers often need to implement fixed headers for better and clear data table presentations. Read Also: HTML Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced and Freshers Fixed Table Header There are two methods […]