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Top 25 JQuery Interview Questions

Jquery language is one of the most popular languages for web development. It is mainly used language in web development companies. If you are searching for a job as a web developer, you should know the Jquery framework. We have the set of Jquery interview questions, which will help you crack the JQuery interview. 1] […]

List Of PHP Array Functions

PHP arrays are a special type of variable that holds multiple values of the same data type at a time. PHP arrays are divided into three parts: Indexed array – having a numerical index Associative array – having named keys Multidimensional array – contains one or more arrays PHP Array Functions As there are three […]

How to Generate Authorization(oauth2)/Bearer Token for Firebase V1 API in Python

Firebase is a service-based mobile and web development platform that provides lots of services like messaging, push notifications, cloud storage, authentication, real-time database, and much more. To use these functionalities, firebase API requires an Authorization or Bearer token. This Authorization token, also called “oauth2 Token,” needs to be generated through backend languages like Python, Java, […]

How to Apply Ripple Effect to On Button With CSS

Ripple effect is the most commonly used effect on websites and applications. This effect makes our website more liquid and makes it feel elegant. Ripple effect can be easily applied to any website element via CSS. Here we have given an example on how to create a ripple effect on a button element. Ripple Effect […]