Top 25 WordPress Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced (Download Free PDF)

If you are looking for a job role as a content writer, content developer or even a web developer, working with WordPress is a must-have skill.

WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

Questions asked on WordPress during an interview can get a little tricky. So, here’s a list of the top 25 most frequently asked interview questions and their answers.

What is WordPress?

Ans: WordPress is a free, open-source content management system. It is one of the most popular tools used for developing a website. WordPress can be easily used even by someone who does not have the basic knowledge of web development. Initially, WordPress was used only for blogging before it started getting implemented for web development. It is published under GNU General Public Library.

What is the latest version of WordPress?

Ans: WordPress 5.7, “Esperanza” is the most recent version, released in March 2021.

What is a permalink in WordPress?

Ans: The permalink is the full URL of a particular post. It includes the domain name and the slug, which follows the domain name.

Do you need to have a blog to use WordPress for a site?

Ans:  No, it is not necessary to have a blog for using WordPress. However, it is recommended to have blogs on the WordPress site as they help in better SEO score.

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From the SEO point of view, is WordPress helpful?

Ans: Yes, WordPress has built-in search engine optimization tools to help a page rank better on Google. There are also multiple plugins available that can be embedded in a WordPress website to help with SEO. One in every 4 websites uses WordPress for its optimal SEO.

Does WordPress have cookies?

Ans: Yes, WordPress has cookies that it uses to verify the users when they log in.

Why are static front pages used in WordPress?

Ans:  The word ‘Static’ means unchanging. Most users these days prefer using static front pages instead of regularly updating them, to give a feel of an actual website. The homepage can be customized to suit the content needs of the user.

How is creating a site on different from

Ans: Despite sharing the same name, is not the same as With, you can host your website. However, in the case of, everything is taken care of by the organization. Initially, a person who is new to WordPress can start with, but later on, shift to to have better access to all the facilities of WordPress.

What are meta-tags?

Ans: Meta-tags are small snippets that describe the content of a particular web page in few keywords to the search engine. It does not appear on the web page once it is opened on the Web. Google uses the description encased in the meta tag to create search snippets.

Can you host WordPress using  Amazon web services such as EC2, RDS, EBS, etc.?

Ans: Yes, WordPress supports Amazon web services.

Where is WordPress content stored?

Ans: WordPress uses PHP/MySQL database. All of the content of WordPress is stored in this database. If you particularly want to view the folder of images and videos which you have uploaded, you can visit the /wp-content/uploads/ folder.

What are the hooks in WordPress?

Ans: Users can create a WordPress theme or a plugin with hooks, without the hassle of changing the original files. There are two types of hooks: a) Action hooks b) Filter hooks

An action hook allows the user to insert an additional piece of code from an external resource while filter hooks only allow the user to add content or text at the end of a post.

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What is a WordPress taxonomy?

Ans: Taxonomy is a term used for classifying the content and data in WordPress. Posts that are either interlinked to each other or have some common relationship can be grouped under a particular category and common tags on WordPress. It also helps to organize the data properly.

How do you disable comments in WordPress?

Ans:  To disable comments on WordPress posts, go to Settings >> Discussions and from there uncheck the box that says, ‘Allow people to post comments on new articles. This step will prevent all viewers from posting comments on any future posts.

In WordPress, are objects passed by value or by reference?

Ans: All objects are passed by value in WordPress.

Is WordPress safe from brute force login attempts? If not, how can you prevent such an attack vector?

Ans: No, WordPress is vulnerable to brute force login attempts.

To protect your WordPress installation from possible brute force attack, you can implement some of the steps given below:

  • Do not use the username: “admin”, as it is the most common one. Also, use strong passwords.
  • Protect the password with “wp-login.php”.
  • Set up server-side protections like IP-based restrictions, firewall, and Apache/Nginx modules
  • You can also install a plugin to add a captcha to limit login attempts.

In what case we cannot recommend WordPress to our client?

Ans: WordPress should not be recommended if a client is working on a non-CMS based project; if they are building a complex and innovative e-commerce website; in the case of enterprise intranet solution; or, if the site requires custom scripting solutions.

What are the steps that can be followed if your WordPress records get hacked?


  • First and foremost, install a security plugin. WP security is one of the plugins that you can consider
  • Uninstall and reinstall the latest version of WordPress
  • Change all the user-ids and passwords
  • Make sure that all the themes and plugins are up to date and are functioning in their latest version

Define the steps required to be followed for the development of a plugin.


  • Select a unique name for the plugin
  • Create its folder
  • Create a sub-folder for storing all the PHP files, translations and assets
  • Now, create the main plugin file and fill in the header information
  • Create the activation and de-activation functions
  • Create an uninstall script
  • Make a readme.txt file to let a user know what the plugin can do
  • Use proper constants and functions to detect the paths to the plugin file

Give examples of plugins to create a contact form on WordPress.

Ans: Some of the most well-known and user-friendly plugins for creating forms on WordPress are:

  • WPForms
  • Formidable Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Contact Form 7

What are the essential features that we look for in a theme?

Ans:  Some of the most essential features that we need to consider before choosing a theme are:

  • Cost of the theme
  • Responsiveness
  • Compatibility with the major browsers
  • Design of the theme
  • Compatibility with plugins
  • Security
  • Theme settings
  • Theme Support
  • SEO-compatibility 

For SEO, What are the WordPress plugins mainly used?

Ans: To turn your WordPress site into an SEO powerhouse, the following plugins are recommended:

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Rank Math
  • SEMRush
  • Google Analytics by MonsterInsights
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • SEOPress
  • Schema Pro
  • io
  • Redirection
  • SEOquake
  • WP Rocket

Specify the tables that are available on WordPress by default.

Ans: There are 11 tables that are available on WordPress by default.

  • wp_commentmeta
  • wp_comments
  • wp_links
  • wp_options
  • wp_postmeta
  • wp_posts
  • wp_terms
  • wp_term_relationships
  • wp_term_taxonomy
  • wp_usermeta
  • wp_users

The number of tables might change with subsequent releases

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In which case is the plugin menu not visible?

Ans:  If a blog is hosted for free on, the plugin menu is not visible. Also, if the user logging into the site does not have an administrator account, the plugin menu is not visible in that case too.

Are there any limitations to WordPress?

Ans: There are no limitations to using WordPress.

Name few better CMS than WordPress.

Ans: Drupal and Joomla are two CMS that function even better than WordPress.

Top 5 wordpress Interview Questions

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WordPress is a very important tool for content management. Most recruiters want to hire people who are well equipped with WordPress knowledge. We hope that these 25 questions will help you land your dream job. All the Best for your upcoming interviews!

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