Top 25 Web Designing Interview Questions

If you are looking for an opportunity to become a web designer, I have described below some most commonly asked Web Designing Interview Questions.

Web designing is more related to user-interface and user-experience on the website. In Web Designing Interview they generally ask about HTML tags, CSS rules and some website structure related questions.

1) What is HTML?

Ans: HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is the markup language for web pages. With HTML, you can create websites and anything you can be viewed in a web browser.

2) What do you know about CSS?

Ans: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is used to manage font size, style and colour combinations which are applied on web pages. CSS used to look a simple web page better. A single change in the CSS file can change the layout of the entire website.

3) What is semantic HTML?

Ans: Semantic HTML represents the meaning of a web page rather than the only presentation. It is a coding style where the tags embody what the text is meant to convey. In semantic HTML you use <p> tag which represents paragraph. There are other semantic tags like <header>,<footer>,<section>,<artical>,<nav>.

4) Describe the difference between “visibility: hidden” and “display: none”?

Ans: “visibility: hidden” property is used to hide the element, but this element still takes up space. “display: none” eliminates the element and does not takes up any space, even though the HTML for it is still in the code.

5) When will you use CSS float property?

Ans: This is a usually used property. It describes how the element should be placed either left or right of the container.

6) Difference between implode and explode functions.

Ans: Implode function is used to join array to string and explode function is used to split the string to an array.

7) List out the five values for “position”.

Ans: Static, relative, absolute, fixed and inherite are the five values for the position.

8) What are the different JavaScript types?

Ans: There are six types of JavaScript: String, null, undefined, boolean, object and number. Objects include functions, array and ordinary objects. Number includes integer and real numbers and special values such as NaN and infinity. Strings include empty strings.

9) What is an array and What is the use of in_array() in PHP?

Ans: Arrays are used to store multiple values in a single variable. in_array() function checks whether the value is in the array or not.

10) How to integrate CSS file into a webpage?

Ans: You can integrate CSS file into your HTML file using “link” property. You have add “link” property after <head> tag.


<head><link href="filename.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></head>

11) Describe different types of joins in MySQL.

Ans: There are four types of joins: Inner Join, Left join, Right join, Full outer join. Inner join returns records that have a matching value in both tables. Left join returns all the records from the left table and matching records from the right table. Right join returns all the records from the right table and matching records from the left table. A full outer join returns all the records when there is a match in either the left or right table.

12) Describe the difference between an alert box and a confirmation/prompt box?

Ans: An alert box is a popup box which has an OK button. A confirmation box has two buttons OK button and Cancel button.

13) How to print a text in a web page using JavaScript?

Ans: You can use document.write() to print a text in a web page using Javascript.

14) List the new media elements in HTML5?

Ans: The new media elements are <audio>, <video>, <embed>, <source>, <track>.

  • <audio> is for sound content.
  • <video> is for video or movie content.
  • <embed> is a container for an external application.
  • <source> is for multiple media resources for medis elements.
  • <tracks> is for text track for media elements.

15) Explain the DOCTYPE term.

Ans: DOCTYPE term conveys that what type of HTML must be used. The browser uses the DOCTYPE term to determinate how a web page must be rendered. DOCTYPE defines before. If you’re not using DOCTYPE, then browser loads the page in incorrect mode.

16) What is the use of count() in PHP?

Ans: Count() is used to count the number of elements in an array.

17) What is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

Ans: The difference between HTML elements and tags is elements that are used to communicate with the website on how to render the information. Elements are represented with <>, these form the HTML tags. HTML tags usually come in pair and surrounded text.

18) Difference between session and cookies?

Ans: Session and cookies both stores the data and contain user information. Session stores information on the server-side and cookies stores information on client-side. Cookies stores limited information while session has no limit in such a way.

19) What are the different types of websites?

Ans: There are two types of websites: Static and Dynamic. Statics websites are just layouts using HTML, CSS, JS portion, and it does not fetch any data from the database, whereas Dynamic websites fetch values and data from the database.

20) What is a prompt box?

Ans: Prompt method displays a diloge box that prompts the visitors for input. It is often used if you want the user to input some text before entering the page. Prompt box has two buttons OK and Cancel which the user has to choose to proceed after entering an input value.

21) How do you differentiate the linking of an image, email address and website?

Ans: To link an image use <img> tag and “src” attribute. For hyperlinking, use anchor tag <a> and “href” attribute. The hyperlink have to placed in between anchor tag and href stands for hypertext reference.


<img src="image1.jpg"></img>
<a href="[email protected]">Email</a>
<a href="">abc</a>

22) Explain the difference between the ordered list and unordered list.

Ans: In the ordered list, we use <ol> tag which stands for an ordered list and shows the list with numbers. In the unordered list, we use <ul> tag which stands for an unordered list and shows the list with bullets.

23) What is a pseudo-class?

Ans: Pseudo class is a style element. It works when the element goes on focus like when we mouse over a button, and it changes its color and the color of visited and unvisited sites.

24) For what NaN function is used?

Ans: NaN function returns True if the value is Not a Number.

25) What do you mean by responsive website or webpage?

Ans: Responsive website or webpage detects the visitor’s screen size and orientation and changes the layout according to it.

I hope above Web Designing Interview Questions will help you get your dream job.

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