Things You Should Know About PHP Latest Version 7.0

PHP’s latest version 7.0 has launched in the market with its cool new features and improved performance. PHP is very popular in the language in the market. It has more than 80% of shares of the market. Most of the websites use PHP version 5.0. But this latest version of PHP has many advanced features and improved performance than any of the previous versions.

As a web developer, if your website uses PHP based content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, then this is the right time to upgrade your PHP version with this latest version. So that you can use the advantages of PHP 7.0.

PHP has launched the beta version of PHP 7.0, and this version is at the development level. So as a web developer is is the best time to update your PHP version with this beta version to check whether your site is working correctly or not. It will also help you with preparing your website for full PHP version 7.0.

PHP version 7.0 has many cool features as a web developer you should know about them. Let’s have a look at the features of PHP 7.0.

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1] The name of the latest PHP version

People were excited during the release of PHP 6.0, but it was failed because of lots of bugs. Its performance was not excellent. People were confused in the latest version of PHP and modified version of 6.0

So the PHP has launched its most recent version as PHP 7.0

2] ZEND Powered PHPNG

PHP has been started using the Zend engine for improving performance since 1999. It was launched with PHP version 4.0. Then the PHP had launched ZEND version II with PHP version 5.0. Now the latest version of PHP 7.0 has a powerful ZEND new-generation engine. It is called as PHPNG.
It should be noticed that PHPNG does not support the following extensions.

  • Interbase
  • OCI8

3] Abstract Syntax Tree

AST as an abstract syntax tree is also implemented in PHP 7.0 You can implement the syntax at intermediate structure quickly. You can remove the hack of numbers to make the implementation easier.

Abstract Syntax tree has the following advantages:

  • Decouple the syntax decisions from other issues.
  • The maintenance of parser and compiler becomes easier.

4] Facilitating error handling

In older versions of PHP, the error handing was so much annoying and challenging. This new version PHP 7.0 removes the old errors by using new engine exception from PHP version 5.0 In engine exception it doesnโ€™t extend the engine based classes.

In this way, PHP 7.0 provides two types of exceptions to handle catchable and fatal errors.

  1. Engine exception
  2. Traditional error handling

5] Cloud computing Solutions

Zend and reputed cloud computing companies have partnered for providing the users – application portable platform. With this cloud computing, you can retrieve and extract your files. Users can share their files from one cloud to another cloud server as per their requirements.

PHP 7.0 and ZEND help the e-commerce stores to develop a lightweight website without affecting the speed and performance of the web store. It also ensures data security with its optimized system.

6] 64 – bit window support system

PHP is supported in both operating systems LINUX and WINDOWS. PHP 5.0 didnโ€™t support a 64-bit windows system. Now PHP 7.0 supports a 64-bit window system with improved performance.
This 64 – bit window system is at the experimental level. If it would be successful, then users can run their websites with confidence in newer versions of window support systems in the future.

7] Doubled the speed

PHP 7.0 development is centralized for improving speed. It uses the JIT [Just in Time] compilation for instantly running the compilation without waiting for execution time. PHP 7.0 provides improved performance in two ways as follows:

  1. With a few servers, you can serve the same number of users and traffic load.
  2. Your code executes faster than previous PHP versions.

According to the ZEND survey, this new PHP 7.0 is capable of performing with 2X speed than older versions. For this, it is operated by cleaning the environment in two different ways.

PHP 7.0 removes the deprecated functionality, which was supported in older versions of PHP. PHP 7.0 also removes the ported SAPI and extensions, which do not support this version.

If you are ready to upgrade your PHP version with PHP 7.0, then this new version will come up with a new surprised like Combined Comparison Spaceship Operator and Declarations and Scalar Type Hints for developers. With all these facilities and improved performance makes the management of websites very easier for developers.

I hope you found this post informative.

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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