[Solved] Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance. Check Back in a Minute

Maintenance mode is one of the most core features of WordPress. Basically this message occurs while updating plugins in WordPress CMS.

Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance. Check Back in a Minute.

The above message is not an error or warning. Scheduled Maintenance is just a temporary notice which displayed at our WordPress CMS while updating WP Core or any Plugins.

However sometimes due to some unpleasant circumstances while updating core libraries of WordPress or Plugins this message sticks to our website.

Let’s see how to resolve this issue the best way.

Remove Maintenance Mode Error

Just follow the below steps to get out of maintenance mode in WordPress.

Step 1: Open Root Directory of WordPress

First, we have to open the root directory of the WordPress installation. There are several ways to open the root directory according to which hosting provider you are using.

  • Via Cpanel – Most of the shared hosting provides Cpanel to uses which is effortless to use.
  • Via FTP – If you are running your website on VPS then you can access your files via FTP. Just contact your VPS provider and ask for FTP login credentials.
  • Via File Manager Plugin – If you do not have any of above available just don’t worry. We can just do it using File Manager Plugin.

Step 2: Remove .Maintenance File

After having the file access of the website just find the .maintenance file in the root directory of WordPress installation.

.maintenance file enables the maintenance mode of the WordPress website, so just delete the .maintenance file to again let your website running live.

Just open a new tab in your browser and open your website. I hope your website will open without any issue.

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Here we just solved a simple but important problem which occurs once in a while. Even more, now you have a complete understanding of Maintenance mode and how it works.

Happy Debugging 🙂

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