Topics in PHP

PHP MySQL Database

MySQL is one of the popular relational database systems. With PHP, we can connect and manipulate MySQL databases. MySQL Database With PHP In this article, we will learn about the PHP MySQL database. PHP supports mostly all databases, like Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, etc. Most commonly used is the freely available MySQL database. MySQL is […]

What Is the PHP Session, and How to Use $_SESSION

The PHP session helps store user information at the client-side, which can be accessed on multiple pages. What is the Session in PHP? When a user surfs on the internet, the webserver doesn’t know who the user is and what he does. So, session variables are used to identify the user by storing the user’s […]

PHP Form Required

PHP required fields mean the input fields in a form must be filled if the user wishes to proceed with the form submission process. An asterisk (*) sign is useful to mark the required fields.4 PHP required fields are also programmed to display error messages when left empty. In this unit, we will learn how […]

PHP Form Validation

Form validation is one of the major parts of web development in PHP. A PHP form is vulnerable to several threats, especially during the submission. If the forms are not submitted securely then unwanted viruses and malware can harm the PHP host server and database. Read Also: PHP Form Handling Form Validation in PHP The […]

How to Multiple File Upload in PHP Using Ajax

Multiple file upload in PHP using ajax script is relatively easy to implement. Here is the simplest method to upload multiple files using ajax by just creating four files. Also, we have mentioned multiple file upload in PHP using ajax demo code with proper explanation. Direct file upload using the form is quite old fashioned. […]