How to Echo New Line in PHP

There are several ways to print a new line in PHP. Line break is quite important factor of content formatting and organization. In addition, content management is required for better user experience of the website. Line break helps to make content more readable with proper usage. There are many ways to enter a new line […]

What Is File_get_contents in PHP

File_get_contents() is one of the popular file handling functions in PHP. There are other similar file handling functions like read() and file(). However file_get_contents() function has its own advantages among all others. File_get_contents() Function The primary usage of the file_get_contents() is to read the specified file. It also provides extra features like from where to […]

Find Array Length in PHP

There are two main inbuilt functions count() and sizeof() to find an array length in PHP. There are other ways to count array length in PHP, but inbuilt functions are a more straight forward and effortless approach to implement. Count Array Length in PHP count() and sizeof() both functions are inbuilt in PHP in all […]