Find Array Length in PHP

There are two main inbuilt functions count() and sizeof() to find an array length in PHP. There are other ways to count array length in PHP, but inbuilt functions are a more straight forward and effortless approach to implement. Count Array Length in PHP count() and sizeof() both functions are inbuilt in PHP in all […]

How to Set Onclick Function in PHP

Onclick event is one of the most used events in any user interface. As all events on the website are related to UI, and PHP is a back-end language. So, we can not set direct Onclick event of any PHP function. Wrong Interpretation of Onclick Event in PHP <?php function my_funciton(){ //do something } ?> […]

How to Remove On-Page Errors in PHP

On-page errors, warnings, and notices are default in PHP for convenient debugging. However, while deploying on production it is not a good practice to show on-page errors. On-page errors may provide loopholes of our website to hackers. Even more, it can break our website’s front end design. Here we are going to learn how to […]