Topics in PHP

PHP MySQL Select Data

PHP SELECT Data From MySQL allows the user to select data from a database. MySQL SELECT statement allows a user to view and fetch zero or multiple rows from database tables. The SELECT statement is one of the widely used MySQL queries. The SELECT statement returns a result that comprises rows and columns, also called […]

PHP MySQL Multiple Insert

In this unit, we will see how to insert multiple records in the database table. Insert statement adds new records into a table. Read Also: PHP MySQL Insert Data MySQL Multiple Insert By using PHP MySQL insertion statements, we can insert multiple records at the same time. This feature helps to increase the efficiency of […]

How to Call API in PHP Using Curl

In this article we are going to learn how to call an API in PHP file using cURL method. PHP provides effortless inbuilt method cURL to call API and process its response. What is cURL in PHP? cURL is the method to request web URLs or APIs in PHP. It helps to get data from […]

PHP Object to JSON Object [Encode & Decode]

Here, we are going to see how JSON encoding and decoding are performed in PHP with some examples. JSON encode and decode most popular and required features used in Backend development. It arranges the data in a specific manner so that we can understand and perform the data related operations in a proper way. What […]

Prepared Statement in PHP With MySQLi

A prepared statement is one of the popular methods in PHP for database management. As a backend developer, it is necessary to learn about prepared statements in PHP. Here, we are going to see what is the prepared statement, what are the advantages, and how to use it with examples. Must Read: MySQL Queries and […]