Topics in PHP

How to Convert Str to Int in PHP

Sometimes you require to convert the string into the number like int, float, or any other type. It is needed when you get a number as a string; then, it is necessary to convert this string into a number for performing further operations on that string type number. Convert Str to Int in PHP In […]

What is PHP explode, and how to use explode()

Sometimes we require to convert the string into an array. PHP provides the feature of converting strings into an array. We can use explode() function for converting the string into an array. What is explode() function? The explode() is the string function in PHP which is used for converting the string into an array. How […]

List of PHP Operators

Operators indicate compiler which operation to perform. Operators help to perform various calculations on the given data. Operators In PHP PHP provides different types of operators, similar to other programming languages. They are divided into the following categories. Arithmetic operators Logical operators Comparison operators Increment / Decrement operators Conditional operators Assignment operators Array operators String […]

What Is the PHP $_FILES, and How to Use $_FILES

Sometimes we want to upload a file in our HTML form. PHP provides the feature for handling a file at server side with $_FILES array. We can also check different properties of an files like file-name, file-type, file-size, and some other attributes. Read Also: How to Upload File in PHP What is $_FILES? PHP provides […]

How to Force Download File Using PHP

Generally, we can download files directly by creating hyperlinks. But Images, PDFs, and Media files open in a browser rather than downloading. Force Download Files in PHP Sometimes, we need to force download files in the user’s browser for better user experience. However, there is no direct way to download files forcefully. The only way […]