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Mysqli_fetch_assoc vs Mysqli_fetch_array [With Example]

mysqli_fetch_assoc() and mysqli_fetch_array() both are used to print result data of SQL query in PHP. Mysqli_fetch_assoc vs Mysqli_fetch_array has just a single difference in accessing resultant data. Difference between mysqli_fetch_assoc() and mysqli_fetch_array() The major difference between mysqli_fetch_assoc and mysqli_fetch_array is the output format of result data. mysqli_fetch_assoc returns data in an associative array and mysqli_fetch_array […]

How to Create a Simple PHP REST API

PHP REST(RESTful) API is the most used method of data transfer. However, there are several other ways to transfer data transfer, but PHP REST is popular among them, so let’s know a little bit about PHP REST APIs. What is the REST API? REST API is known as RESTful API, is a universal method of […]

What Is GLOBALS in PHP, and How to Use $GLOBALS in PHP

Global is used to declare a superglobal variable that can be accessed in all scopes. What is $GLOBALS in PHP? $GLOBALS is used to access global variables in PHP. We can use $GLOBALS in all methods and functions to access global variables within the PHP script. When to use $GLOBALS? Sometimes we have to access […]

List of PHP Date/Time Functions With Examples

Sometimes it is necessary to display the current time and date in your input field of the form, or any other part of the web page.PHP provides inbuilt date and time functions that can be used to display time and date from the server. PHP also provides different functions for formatting the structure of date […]

Things You Should Know About PHP Latest Version 7.0

PHP’s latest version 7.0 has launched in the market with its cool new features and improved performance. PHP is very popular in the language in the market. It has more than 80% of shares of the market. Most of the websites use PHP version 5.0. But this latest version of PHP has many advanced features […]