MySQLi Functions Introduction in PHP

MySQLi functions allow you to access the MySQL database server. Here we take a quick look at some basic functions of them. If you are not familiar to use phpMyAdmin please refer to phpMyAdmin quick tutorial. NOTE: MySQLi functions are only useful to connect with MySQL databases. mysqli_connect() This function opens a new connection to […]

How to Create a Table in phpMyAdmin

Here we discuss some basic steps that how to use phpMyAdmin. Before we started let’s get some basic information about phpMyAdmin. What is phpMyAdmin? PHPMyAdmin is a software tool which is basically used to handle the administration of MySQL over the web. It supports a wide range of operations on MySQL that can be performed […]

PHP Multiple File Uploader Using Ajax

Multiple file upload in PHP using ajax script is easy to implement. Here is the simplest method to upload multiple files using ajax by just creating 4 files. Direct file upload using the form is quite old fashioned. Ajax provides a better user experience while file uploading because ajax works in the background and doesn’t refresh […]