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PHP Superglobals

PHP Superglobals are quite helpful in designing quality code with less complexity. In this article, we see different PHP superglobal variables. Read Also: PHP Array Functions PHP Superglobals The superglobals, defined as array variables in PHP, make it easy to get information about the request. They are a type of variable that is available from any […]

PHP Array Functions

PHP array functions are helpful to perform various complicated operations on PHP arrays. Also, PHP array functions are effortless to implement. Read Also: PHP Arrays Array Functions in PHP Even though there are three types of arrays in PHP, there is no difference in applying any of the array functions to them. The array() Function […]

PHP Arrays

In computer science, an array is a data structure that consists of multiple elements which are uniquely identified by the keys of the array. PHP arrays help manage data as a list. Read Also: Find Array Length in PHP Types of Arrays in PHP There are three types of arrays in PHP, as mentioned below. […]

Top 25 SQL Queries Interview Questions for Experienced (Free PDF Download)

If you are preparing for the database administrator (DBA) job? If yes, you are at the perfect spot for getting the right SQL Queries Interview Questions and topics that can help you to get your dream job. These questions and answers are handpicked for freshers as well as experienced. SQL Queries Interview Questions and Answers […]

PHP Functions

PHP functions are similar to functions in other programming languages. The function is a block of code that takes input in the form of a parameter and returns a value. A function is a recyclable piece or block of code that performs a specific action. Read Also: PHP Loops PHP Functions In this article, we […]