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JavaScript Array Methods Explained With Examples

The Array is used to store multiple values in a single variable. In JavaScript, there are three types of Array: Single Dimensional Array Two Dimensional Array Multi-Dimensional Array Here we are going to discuss single dimensional array initialization and some advanced functions to process JavaScript Arrays. Create a JavaScript Array JavaScript Array Properties Constructor Length […]

PHP Form Handling

A form is a document containing blank fields that a user can fill the data or the user can select the data. The data will get stored in the database. In this unit, we learn about PHP form handling. What is a form in PHP? When we login into a website or mailbox, we are […]

Top 25 MySQL Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced (Free PDF Download)

We have the set of MySQL interview questions and answers for experienced to freshers, which will help you to crack the MySQL interview. MySQL Interview Questions and Answers If you are looking for a DBA(Database Administrator) job, You must have good knowledge about Databases and MySQL queries. Please read the below MySQL interview questions carefully to […]

PHP Superglobals

PHP Superglobals are quite helpful in designing quality code with less complexity. In this article, we see different PHP superglobal variables. Read Also: PHP Array Functions PHP Superglobals The superglobals, defined as array variables in PHP, make it easy to get information about the request. They are a type of variable that is available from any […]