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Difference Between Primary Key And Foreign Key

Primary key and foreign key work on different concepts of MySQL table. Before starting comparing let’s understand what is the primary key and foreign key in MySQL table. What is a Primary Key? A primary key is a single field which uniquely identifies each record in the table. Note: Every Primary key is a Unique […]

PHP Form URL/Email

Email and URL address form field validation is easy in PHP. There are inbuilt functions available to validate Email and URL addresses. PHP Form Email Validation There is no way to be 100% sure if an e-mail address is working unless we send an e-mail. What we usually do is check if the syntax of […]

How to Send Emails From PHPMailer Using SMTP

There are lots of methods to send an email in core PHP. There are two most commonly used methods, which are the PHP mail function and the PHP SMTP mailer. Before starting, let’s get some basic information about PHPMailer and PHP mail function. Even more, we will see why PHPMailer is better than the PHP […]

JavaScript insertBefore() Method

Sometimes we need to insert an element at a specific position, or we need to insert an element before any particular element. At that time we can use JavaScript insert before method. The InsertBefore() Method JavaScript insertBefore() method inserts a node at the specified position between HTML DOM elements. Also Read: JavaScript appendChild() Method Example […]

What Is PHP Array Index? Explained With Example

In PHP language, there are different types of arrays like: Indexed array Associative array Multidimensional array We use them according to our requirements. PHP array provides the index number to each of the array elements. These index numbers are used to perform different operations on arrays. For example: According to the index number of the […]