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How to Sort Array in PHP [Explained With Examples]

Sometimes we need to sort the data of an array in either ascending order or descending order. It is always helpful to sort the array data for searching specific data from a group of data. There are two types of sorting, such as in ascending order or in descending order. PHP provides inbuilt functions for […]

What Is Isset() Function in PHP and How to Use It

Sometimes you require to check wheater the variable is set with the value or not. And based on the result, some further cations are taken in PHP. It is necessary to check this type of condition when you get all data from the input fields of the form and set all data to different variables […]

How to Delete Database in MySQL

MySQL is a database server to manage relational databases. There are some methods to delete a database from the MySQL server. Here we are going to learn to delete a database via MySQL command line. You can use Microsoft cmd, Linux terminal or MAC terminal which one you are using. In this tutorial, we are […]

How to Check the Variable of Type Undefined or Null in JavaScript

In JavaScript, variables are of different types, such as Boolean Undefined Null Number String Object Array, etc. Variable of Type Undefined or Null in JavaScript We can declare a variable of the above types according to the requirements. Sometimes in code, we require to check the type of a variable, and based on the result, […]

What Is the PHP Array Foreach Loop and How It Is Different From for Loop

In PHP language, there are different types of arrays like an indexed array, associative array, and multidimensional array. We use them according to our requirements. Sometimes we need to print the values of an array. We can print them using the echo method as follows: Example 1 Suppose we have an array of different shapes, […]