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PHP Switch and Continue

In this article, we see how to use the switch case statement in PHP. The switch statement is useful to perform different actions based on various conditions. Read Also: PHP If Else Statement PHP Switch The switch statement is like if else if statement which does almost the same thing. It executes one statement from […]

PHP if..elseif..else

When we write programs, there will be scenarios where we want to execute a statement only if some conditions satisfied. In such situations, we use conditional statements. In this article, we discuss about decision-making code using if..elseif..else statements in PHP. Read Also: PHP Math Functions PHP Conditional Statements Like most programming languages, PHP also allows […]

PHP Math

PHP has the Math library, which can be used to perform various basic Mathematical operations to get the desired output. Read Also: PHP Numbers PHP Math In this article, we will learn how to use the math Operations in PHP. The Simplest math functions are those that require only a single parameter. This parameter is […]