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What Is GLOBALS in PHP, and How to Use $GLOBALS in PHP

Global is used to declare a superglobal variable that can be accessed in all scopes. What is $GLOBALS in PHP? $GLOBALS is used to access global variables in PHP. We can use $GLOBALS in all methods and functions to access global variables within the PHP script. When to use $GLOBALS? Sometimes we have to access […]

How to Create a Responsive Table Using CSS, Bootstrap

Responsive design is the primary need to create a good website nowadays. So, a responsive website needs a responsive table. Here, we are going to see how to create a responsive table using CSS and Bootstrap. Tables are widely used in websites from the very beginning of HTML websites. Table structures were used to create […]

How to Center Background Images in Div Tag With CSS

Many times designers face an issue with centering background images using CSS. Here we will discuss how to center background images using CSS. Read Also: Onhover Effect With Inline CSS and JavaScript Centering Background Images Using CSS Many times we face a problem to fit different size images in a fixed size container. In the […]

JavaScript String Methods

JavaScript provides lots of string methods to perform operations on string variables. Here, we will learn all the string methods with examples. What is the String? The string is a collection of one or more characters written inside quotes. Example var m = “Erroser is the best website for learning”; Note: We can use single […]

How to Generate Authorization(oauth2)/Bearer Token for Firebase V1 API in Python

Firebase is a service-based mobile and web development platform that provides lots of services like messaging, push notifications, cloud storage, authentication, real-time database, and much more. To use these functionalities, firebase API requires an Authorization or Bearer token. This Authorization token, also called “oauth2 Token,” needs to be generated through backend languages like Python, Java, […]