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How to Force HTTPS With the .HTACCESS File

HTTPS is a standard encryption protocol between client and server. Even more, HTTPS ensures security between client and server. What is HTTPS? HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. We can force HTTPS with the .htaccess file if you are using Apache or Nginx. NOTE: You need to install the SSL certificate first to force […]

How to Add Drop Unique Key in MySQL

A unique key is a key that can be a column or a group of a column that defines the uniqueness of that record/row in the table. A unique key is different from the Primary key. The unique key can be a NULL value, whereas the Primary key cannot be a NULL value.  Add and […]

MySQL Queries and some Operators

This article will teach some basic MySQL queries, which are important to master MySQL database. Also, we will learn some supporting operators for MySQL queries. MySQL Queries MySQL provides some basic queries like CREATE, INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE to execute CRUD operations in the database. Here, we will learn each query with a brief […]

Simple Registration and Login form with PHP and MySQL

Here we are discussing how to create simple login form in PHP and MySQL. You have to follow below basic steps for that. Before starting, you should know how to use PHPMyAdmin and some basic knowledge of PHP. Step 1: Create a Database Create a database in PHPMyAdmin. Create Table using id, username, email, password […]