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How to Validate Empty Input Fields in a Form Using jQuery

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript framework for client-side validation. Even more, jQuery is famous for its reduced usage. jQuery validation jQuery has an extraordinary feature of form validation with a vast range of possible filters. We can validate empty input fields, text validation, email validation, password validations, etc… How to use jQuery validation to […]

How to Create a Simple PHP REST API

PHP REST(RESTful) API is the most used method of data transfer. However, there are several other ways to transfer data transfer, but PHP REST is popular among them, so let’s know a little bit about PHP REST APIs. What is the REST API? REST API is known as RESTful API, is a universal method of […]

How to Change Text After Page Load With Javascript

Sometimes we have to change our website content or text dynamically instantly after page load. At that time, JavaScript comes in the frame to help us. It is effortless to change text content in our HTML webpage after page load. Change text with innerHTML There is a simple way to change the text of any […]

How to Create Ripple Effect Loader Using CSS

Ripple effect loaders feel very smooth on websites and make it more user friendly. Generally, the ripple effect is used on buttons for a smooth click experience. Even more, many operating systems and applications use a ripple effect for good user experience. Ripple Effect Website Loader The given code is for ripple loader using pure […]

What Is GLOBALS in PHP, and How to Use $GLOBALS in PHP

Global is used to declare a superglobal variable that can be accessed in all scopes. What is $GLOBALS in PHP? $GLOBALS is used to access global variables in PHP. We can use $GLOBALS in all methods and functions to access global variables within the PHP script. When to use $GLOBALS? Sometimes we have to access […]