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How to Force Download File Using PHP

Generally, we can download files directly by creating hyperlinks. But Images, PDFs, and Media files open in a browser rather than downloading. Force Download Files in PHP Sometimes, we need to force download files in the user’s browser for better user experience. However, there is no direct way to download files forcefully. The only way […]

How to Replace All Words in a String Using JavaScript

We can use the replace() function in JavaScript to replace all the given string words. JavaScript replace() Method replace() method searches for a specified word or value in the string and returns the output as a new string with replaced value. By default replace() method repaces just one value. So, we need to use the […]

How to Upload a File in PHP

File upload is quite easy and compact in PHP. We can upload a single or multiple files in PHP with just a few lines of code. PHP can handle uploaded files in POST requests with below constants. Read Also: PHP Multiple File Upload Using AJAX File Upload Using PHP Step 1: Create HTML Form To […]