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How to Move Uploaded File in PHP

Move the uploaded file to its destination directory is very important via the back-end. PHP provides move_uploaded_file() method by default to move uploaded file. PHP Move_uploaded_file() Method In PHP uploaded file first goes to temp folder of server. The server discards uploaded files from the temp folder if not moved after uploading. So, moving the […]

Mysqli_fetch_assoc vs Mysqli_fetch_array [With Example]

mysqli_fetch_assoc() and mysqli_fetch_array() both are used to print result data of SQL query in PHP. Mysqli_fetch_assoc vs Mysqli_fetch_array has just a single difference in accessing resultant data. Difference between mysqli_fetch_assoc() and mysqli_fetch_array() The major difference between mysqli_fetch_assoc and mysqli_fetch_array is the output format of result data. mysqli_fetch_assoc returns data in an associative array and mysqli_fetch_array […]

How to Image Preview Before Upload Using JavaScript

Image preview before the upload is a basic and important feature nowadays in profile registration forms. Image preview helps the user to verify the image before uploading. Even more, the user can select another image if needed before submitting a form. Image preview feature can be implemented through JavaScript, jQuery, or any other JS framework. […]

How to Remove index.php From URL WordPress

Here we are going to learn how to remove index.php in the URL structure WordPress. As we know, permalinks are one of the most important factors of any website, and it’s easy to change permalink structures in WordPress. Follow the below steps to remove any extensions or to change the URL structure of any WordPress […]

How to Change Button Color on Hover Using CSS

Every element on a website is considered to be important in terms of user experience. Also, website representation is another kind of factor which has a significant impact on uses. That’s why buttons and other clickable elements should be user friendly and nice looking. Changing the color of buttons on hover looks quite impressive and […]