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PHP Object to JSON Object [Encode & Decode]

Here, we are going to see how JSON encoding and decoding are performed in PHP with some examples. JSON encode and decode most popular and required features used in Backend development. It arranges the data in a specific manner so that we can understand and perform the data related operations in a proper way. What […]

Prepared Statement in PHP With MySQLi

A prepared statement is one of the popular methods in PHP for database management. As a backend developer, it is necessary to learn about prepared statements in PHP. Here, we are going to see what is the prepared statement, what are the advantages, and how to use it with examples. Must Read: MySQL Queries and […]

How to Convert String to Integer in Python [Str to Int]

Sometimes we need to convert the string into an integer value. In our HTML form, when we submit the form, it takes the value as a string. If we submit a number as a value, then it will be considered as a string value. So it is necessary to convert it to an integer for […]

How to Sort Array in PHP [Explained With Examples]

Sometimes we need to sort the data of an array in either ascending order or descending order. It is always helpful to sort the array data for searching specific data from a group of data. There are two types of sorting, such as in ascending order or in descending order. PHP provides inbuilt functions for […]

What Is Isset() Function in PHP and How to Use It

Sometimes you require to check wheater the variable is set with the value or not. And based on the result, some further cations are taken in PHP. It is necessary to check this type of condition when you get all data from the input fields of the form and set all data to different variables […]