Top 25 MySQL Interview Questions

If you are looking for a DBA(Database Administrator) Job, You must have good knowledge about Databases. Here, I have stated some most common MySQL Interview Questions which will help you to go through your interviews. 1) Compare MySQL with SQL Server. Criteria MySQL SQL Server Developed by Oracle Microsoft Programmed In C and C++ Mainly […]

Top 25 HR Interview Questions

If you are fresher and going to apply for a job in any company and looking for HR Interview Questions. Here, I have got some most commonly asked HR Interview Questions. 1) Tell us something about yourself. Ans: This is a very common question you find out in any interview. In this question, you’re not […]

Top 25 SQL Queries Interview Questions

If you are preparing for the database¬†administrator (DBA) job you are at the perfect place. This post contains some mostly asked SQL queries interview questions. This post starts from some basic queries to advanced SQL queries. Table – StudentDetails StudId Name EnrollmentNo DateOfJoining 11 Nick Panchal 1234567 01/02/2019 21 Yash Panchal 2468101 15/03/2017 31 Gyan […]

Top 25 HTML Interview Questions

1) What is HTML? [HTML], Hypertext Markup Language is used to design and display pages on the Web. It makes the text content more attractive and dynamic. We can create tables, add images, videos, links in our text. We can also add animation to our page to make it more attractive. Every HTML page stats […]

Top 25 Hibernate Interview Questions

Hibernate is one of the most popular and widely used ORM tools for Java applications. It is the backbone in millions of enterprise applications for database operations Whether you are fresher or experience. Having good knowledge or Hibernate ORM tool helps in cracking the interview. 1) What is Hibernate? We can categorize Hibernate under the […]