How to jQuery Validation On Button Click

jQuery form validation is one of the easiest ways to validate form fields on any web page. We can validate text fields, text-area fields, email fields, password fields, etc. just by simple jQuery validate() function. To apply validation on a simple web form, we just have to initialize validate() function on page load. But it […]

How to Open a New Web Page On Button Click Using JavaScript

Opening a link or redirecting a user to a new page on our website using a button on click event is possible with JavaScript. Often we use <a> tag to redirect users on a new page or to open a new link. However, on some special occasions, we have to redirect the user on the […]

How to Remove On-Page Errors in PHP

On-page errors, warnings, and notices are default in PHP for convenient debugging. However, while deploying on production, it is not a good practice to show on-page errors. On-page errors may provide loopholes of our website to hackers. Even more, it can break our website’s front end design. Here we are going to learn how to […]

How to Set Selected Value of Dropdown in JavaScript

In this article, we are going to learn how to set selected value of dropdown in JavaScript for dynamic dropdown selection on HTML webpage. Set Selected Value of Dropdown in JavaScript Generally, while using various APIs and in some complex forms, we need to dynamically set ‘Selected’ value of dropdown list using JavaScript. The given […]

How to Add New Table Fields in Laravel

In laravel has models control data tables and migrations to create and manage models. As we use migrations to create tables, we have to use migrations to update or add new fields in a data table. Add New Table Fields in Laravel Here we will add new columns in a table by following three easy […]