How to Create a Table in phpMyAdmin

Here we discuss some basic steps that how to use phpMyAdmin. Before we started let’s get some basic information about phpMyAdmin.

What is phpMyAdmin?

PHPMyAdmin is a software tool which is basically used to handle the administration of MySQL over the web. It supports a wide range of operations on MySQL that can be performed via the user interface and you can still have the ability to directly execute the SQL statement.

Steps to create a table in phpMyAdmin

Step 1: Login to your phpMyAdmin

Open a browser and login to your phpMyAdmin (localhost/phpmyadmin OR After successful login, it will redirect you to the below screen.

phpmyadmin login

Step 2: Create a Database

To create a database select the new option, name your database and click on create button.

create database phpmyadmin

Step 3: Create the table

If database created successfully then you have to create a table where all your data stores. Name your table, enter column names and click on Go button which shows you below screen where you put the names of fields their types values and other then click on the save button and your table will be created. You can use an update and delete operation too.

create table phpmyadmin

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