How to Remove index.php From URL WordPress

Here we are going to learn how to remove index.php in the URL structure WordPress. As we know, permalinks are one of the most important factors of any website, and it’s easy to change permalink structures in WordPress.

Follow the below steps to remove any extensions or to change the URL structure of any WordPress website.

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Remove index.php From WordPress URL

To change the URL structure, First, go to Settings > Permalinks.

In general, WordPress provides many types of permalink schemas for posts and pages. Mostly it has index.php in the middle of the permalink schema of posts.

Remove index.php WordPress URL
WordPress default permalinks

As we can see, in defaults, there will be index.php in the middle of the permalink for posts.


To remove index.php from URL WordPress, we have to select the Post Name option above Custom Structure in the permalink options for posts.

Remove index.php WordPress from URL

Even more, we can also change the permalink structure of custom pages in WordPress.

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Now we understand the procedure to remove index.php in WordPress URL. Also, we gained a little knowledge about WordPress permalinks and how to change them for posts and pages.

Enjoy WordPress πŸ™‚

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