How to Open a Link On Button Click JavaScript

Opening a link or redirecting a user to a new page on our website using a button on click event is only possible with JavaScript.

Often we use <a> tag to redirect users on a new page or to open a new link. However, on some special occasions, we have to redirect the user on the button click event using JavaScript.

Redirect User on Click Event JavaScript

There are few methods to redirect or to open a new link on click event using JavaScript.

Method 1: Using

This method is a straightforward approach to redirect the user to a new page.

		<title>Redirect using</title>
		<p>Redirect in same page</p>
		<button onclick="'','_self');">click me</button>
		<p>Open in new page</p>
		<button onclick="'','_blank');">click me</button>

Method 2: Using JavaScript

This method is quite a unique way to redirect users. This method redirects users and leaves the same expression as the user opens a link via <a> tag on the web-page.

		<title>Redirect using JavaScript</title>
		<button onclick="openTab('')">Try it</button>
		function openTab(url) {
			const link = document.createElement('a');
			link.href = url; = '_blank';


Redirecting users is an essential factor in maintaining the bounce rate and SEO. I hope you understand the complete methodology of redirection users using JavaScript.

Happy Scripting 🙂

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