Onhover Effect With Inline CSS

In most of the sites, you have noticed that when you hover the cursor on that text, it changes the color of the text. CSS hover selector is used for making the hover effect on some text or link. It makes the page interactive and user friendly. This method changes the color of the text […]

How to Convert Str to Int in PHP

Sometimes you require to convert the string into the number like int, float, or any other type. It is needed when you get a number as a string; then, it is necessary to convert this string into a number for performing further operations on that string type number. In PHP, there are different methods for […]

JavaScript isArray() Function

What is isArray() function in Javascript ? The isArray() is a predefined function of javascript. It is used for checking wheater the input value is string or not. Syntax: Array.isArray(object) Explanation: An object parameter is a required field of function. Example 1 var social = [“facebook”,”Whatsapp”,”Instagram”]; console.log(Array.isArray(social)); Explanation: We first declare one array in variable […]