We can redirect any webpage to any other or redirect the whole domain or website to another using HTACCESS. HTACCESS Redirects .HTACCESS file manages settings for the PHP server. Also, it can manage PHP file routes.  There are various types of HTACCESS redirects, as mentioned below.  301 redirect This method is a permanent redirect method […]


The Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) concept is one of the most important learning sections for anyone who wants to learn a back-end programming language. PHP supports OOPs concepts for complex coding. The Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) concept is one of the major features of PHP. Like any other programming language, PHP provides OOPs concepts to develop advanced […]

What Is the PHP Array Foreach Loop and How It Is Different From for Loop

In PHP language, there are different types of arrays like an indexed array, associative array, and multidimensional array. We use them according to our requirements. Sometimes we need to print the values of an array. We can print them using the echo method as follows: Example 1 Suppose we have an array of different shapes, […]

JavaScript isArray() Function

Sometimes we have to make sure that a variable is an Array type object. The isArray() is basically a JavaScript function to check the object is of array type. The isArray() Function The isArray() is a predefined method of Array class in javascript. It checks wheater the input value is the Array type or not. […]

Top 25 MySQL Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced (Free PDF Download)

We have the set of MySQL interview questions and answers for experienced to freshers, which will help you to crack the MySQL interview. MySQL Interview Questions and Answers If you are looking for a DBA(Database Administrator) job, You must have good knowledge about Databases and MySQL queries. Please read the below MySQL interview questions carefully to […]