PHP Form Validation

Form validation is one of the major parts of web development in PHP. A PHP form is vulnerable to several threats, especially during the submission. If the forms are not submitted securely then unwanted viruses and malware can harm the PHP host server and database. Read Also: PHP Form Handling Form Validation in PHP The […]

PHP Form Handling

A form is a document containing blank fields that a user can fill the data or the user can select the data. The data will get stored in the database. In this unit, we learn about PHP form handling. What is a form in PHP? When we login into a website or mailbox, we are […]

PHP Superglobals

PHP Superglobals are quite helpful in designing quality code with less complexity. In this article, we see different PHP superglobal variables. Read Also: PHP Array Functions PHP Superglobals The superglobals, defined as array variables in PHP, make it easy to get information about the request. They are a type of variable that is available from any […]

PHP Functions

PHP functions are similar to functions in other programming languages. The function is a block of code that takes input in the form of a parameter and returns a value. A function is a recyclable piece or block of code that performs a specific action. Read Also: PHP Loops PHP Functions In this article, we […]

PHP Loops

The PHP loops are iterative control structures that execute the same block again and again till a specific condition is satisfied. Read Also: PHP Switch and Continue Loops in PHP This article shows how to use the different loops in PHP. Loops are a key way to control the execution of code. Like loops in […]