Topics in Angular

Angular Event Binding

In the previous article, we learned about Angular Style Binding. In this tutorial, we’ll learn about the most used and important topic, i.e., Event Binding. Event Binding is used to respond to the events raised by the user. There are many types of events such as click, mouseover, keydown, keypress, and many more. What is […]

Angular Style Binding

In the previous two articles, we’ve learned about Property Binding and Class Binding. This tutorial will be all about Style Binding in Angular. What is Style Binding in Angular? Style Binding is used to give inline CSS styles to the HTML elements. Thus, we can make dynamic styled elements with the help of style binding […]

Angular Class Binding

In the previous article, you’ve learned about Angular property binding and its use. This article will be about class binding in angular. Like property binding, we can also bind classes in angular. What is Class-Binding in Angular? Basically, Class Binding in angular is used to create a styled element dynamically. We can add or remove […]

Angular Property Binding

In the previous article, we have learned about interpolation in Angular and how interpolation helps in displaying data dynamically. In this article, we’ll be learning about property binding and how it works with DOM elements. What is Property Binding in Angular? Property Binding refers to the technique of one-way data binding. Here we bind the […]

Angular Interpolation

Angular interpolation is used to display all kinds of data, i.e., array, string, number, date, object, etc., into view dynamically. Interpolation is used for one-way data binding in Angular. It helps to move data from Angular components to HTML and view it. Let’s see an example to evaluate this. Angular Without Interpolation <h1>Hello XYZ</h1> This is […]