Angular Introduction

Angular is a fantastic front-end web development framework. It takes user experience to the next level. A person with basic development knowledge can easily adapt to it.

What Is Angular?

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end framework for single-page applications developed by Google. By single-page application, we literally meant that which means we can navigate to different components without any page reload. It gives a very smooth and fast user experience. Not only web applications, but we can also create mobile applications using Angular.

Which Is the Latest Version of Angular?

The latest version of Angular is 12.0.0, released on May 12, 2021, with Active status. Angular 12 will go on LTS status on Nov 12, 2o21. Angular 9, 8, 6, 4, 3 and 2 were major and popular releases which are now outdated.

How Is Angular Different From AngularJs?

It is a TypeScript based front-end framework.It is a JavaScript-based front-end framework.
Uses components and directives.Supports Model-View-Controller design.
Supported by all mobile browsers.Isn’t supported by mobile browsers.
[(ngModel)] is used for two-way data binding.Ng-bind is used for two-way data binding.
It is more manageable.It is less manageable.

Preconditions for Starting With Angular

The basic prerequisite for starting with Angular is the same as the basic requirements of Web Development, i.e., HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. To understand Angular properly, please read all articles which provide the complete Angular documentation with examples.

Angular introduction

Angular Tools

The main tools which every developer used to make the most of Angular.

  1. RxJS: It is a reactive programming library created to handle asynchronous data with multiple events.
  2. Angular CLI (Command Line Interface): It is used to create projects, generate files, and deal with updating, testing, and deployment.

Some Popular Global Companies That Use Angular

Many popular web applications use Angular like PayPal, Samsung, Gmail, MS Office 360, etcetera.
companies who use angular


We hope this article has helped you understand Angular’s basics and how it is different from AngularJs. Please stay tuned with us for a complete article-based tutorial of Angular, which covers every topic. It will also cover a hands-on project specially designed for complete beginners.

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