Angular Forms

In this article, we’re going to learn about different types of forms in Angular. Forms are a vital part of any application, and when it comes to business websites, it plays a major role. The scenarios where Forms play a major role are a signup, place an order, place a complaint, login, and many more.

Types of Forms in Angular

In Angular, we basically have two types of forms:

  1. Template Driven Forms.
  2. Reactive Forms.

Let’s first see some differences between Template Driven Forms and Reactive Forms in Angular to understand the basics.

Template Driven Forms

Reactive Forms

Makes use of FormsModule.Makes use of ReactiveFormsModule.
The data model is unstructured.The data model is structured.
Asynchronous in nature.Synchronous in nature.
Created by directivesCreated in the component class.


We hope this might have cleared your basics on Angular Forms, and you’re ready to learn each type in detail. Then, in the upcoming articles, we’ll learn each of them in detail.

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